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What We Do?


Architectural Design

Traditional design and the construction processes are siloed. In contrast, we truly believe in the unity of effort and integrating each member’s expertise at the foundation of a project. We approach every project collaboratively and without any preconception to customize solutions for the owner, the site, and all the users.

Interior Design

Chishty Bros Interior Design Team is mostly involved in transforming an interior space into a productive setting for the range of human activities. In order to achieve perfection, fit to the client’s choice, the interior design team infuses modern innovations, psychological studies of colors, with design concepts based on the project’s background. Elegant and dimensional relationships are done through 3-D modeling for clients to get a better perspective of the spatial study.

Structural Design

The quality of our physical environment is determined by consideration of the large-scale context, from the broadest concept down to the smallest of detail, taking account of connectivity, orientation, terrain and commercial opportunity. We recognize the importance of this factor and shape your ideas similar to this environment. Our team of experts solely focuses on providing you with your dream design.

Electrical Design

Our team has got in-depth expertise and authority in the field of Electrical design for the structure that is specialized in generation, distribution, and utilization of electric power as well as for the system that controls and monitors power usage. The methods are our own but the result is totally from your imagination.


We are very confident in our team of HVAC Engineers and technicians who are prompt and knowledgeable. They put their heart, soul, and mind in every undertaken project. Our team is vastly aware of every general cooling and heating principles that lead to understanding the system better. Chishty Bros have everything of HVAC parts that are required to create the whole HVAC system. The HVAC system designed by our team is quieter and efficient and has a calm yet cool ambiance.

Public Health Systems

In addition to all the architectural services provided by our company, we also specialize in fabricating the structure according to public healthcare. Health has more priority than work and we believe in that. That’s why our team is well equipped in that field and during our field work we make sure to follow all the rules and regulations in order not to break public health safety laws and also keep the new structure well armed with health safety measures.

Quantity Surveying/Tenders Bill Checking

The company’s quantity surveying specialists are an integral part of the design and project management team on projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. Our cartographer uses a variety of methods to control the budget during the pre-contract and post-contract steps of a project. The motive of our cost control procedures focuses to provide the client with a valuable project.

Site Management

Supported by an integrative team of engineers, planners and architects, Chishty Bros offers construction services that ensure quality and cost-effectiveness while reducing client risk and facilitating communication among project shareholders. Our wide engineering resources provide an easy step-by-step process for the client as well as a quick resource to the project manager in the field, allowing us to deliver projects to clients on time and within budget.

Leeds Certification

Our company has represented client interests in minimizing utility costs and constructing buildings that operate cost-effectively with the minimum degree of maintenance possible. We have extensive experience in not only constructing buildings to LEED standards but also the certification of buildings to earn LEED certification. We utilize our LEED Accredited Professionals to fully integrate building system design into a high performing, efficient, comfortable and maintainable facility.

Construction (Turnkey Projects)

Chishty Bros specializes in basic and detailed engineering, supply management, construction, start-up, industrial plant operation and maintenance, responsibilities that are generally carried out as turnkey projects with the utmost requirements for quality, security, and environmental protection, and with aspects of technological innovation and product excellence. Thanks to its highly qualified multidisciplinary team and over many years of experience in turnkey projects, our team has command over all the activities that turnkey construction entails.

Best Solutions

Premium Architectural Solutions With A Personalized Process

We provide our clients with a wide range of construction options. If you’re thinking of starting a new business at a whole new place then we are the right company for you. Similarly, if you’re planning an alteration or extension, we aim to exceed your expectations in every way possible. By acquiring our services, you get access to premium architectural solutions and a promise of complete satisfaction.

At Chisty Bros, we value integrity, idealism, and research in the architectural industry. Our company fully values and promotes the architectural culture. We utilize the latest technological advancement tools to accomplish the specific construction requirement of our clients. The job of our professional team of architects is to create practical design plans from scratch and implement them perfectly.


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